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I am enjoying the journey through life, while at the same time continuing to learn and grow and discover where I can have the largest impact.

I am happily married and have recently had a beautiful little daughter. I am living in Syracuse, NY.

My professional career consists of working in the energy efficiency and clean and renewable energy field. I am involved with a variety of projects which include working with utilities, professional architects and engineers, and commercial and residential customers. I am fortunate to have a career in a field that I truly believe the things that I do on a daily basis can make a difference.

I am fascinated with early stage / growth companies / businesses and learning how to build them. I have been involved with a couple and they have been great experiences. I am always looking for opportunities to work with a talented group of people to build a company that can have a sustainable impact in the area that it operates.

I have been blogging since May 2005. I mainly do it as an exercise to organize and collect my thoughts, like a note book. I am starting to try and build a community of readers where I can start to spread ideas. That is one of my goals for this year. I also want to continue to get a better understanding of the technology and how it works.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn on my journey!!!


golf, reading, technology, basketball, technology startups, buffalo bills, vc, spending time with my friends and family.